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Trouble Junction A Wild West Spoof

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"Trouble Junction was one of the best shows I've ever had the opportunity of acting in. It was spunky, adventurous, wild, and always had our audiences at the edge of their seat! I've never experienced such joy in any other theatrical production."  Elizabeth T

"What do you get when you have famous outlaws, a journalist, and ordinary townspeople with quirky names?  You end up with "trouble" in the "Junction". Get ready for some fast talking, fast shootin' and lots of laughing in this Old West Comedy!" Susie P

"Acting in Trouble Junction has been the best acting experience of my young life. The play is structured so that you can have fun developing your character, and it is a great watch for any audience. I would recommend this play to anyone who wants to have an enjoyable and semiserious acting experience." Nathan M

"I first enjoyed your plays through watching friends take part in them. When I was asked to play Widow Glen in Trouble Junction, I was thrilled! I had the most fun during that production than any other play I've taken part in." Courtney B
      • A great fundraiser!
      • A play with a spectacular finish.
      • A wild-west spoof that's an audience pleaser.
      • Strong, memorable characters.
      • Fun for the entire cast & the director!
      • Everybody loves a good western.
Trouble Junction A Wild West Spoof


ACT I: Scene 1

Setting: At far Left, in shadows, Milton sits in a chair, writing, as if for his newspaper. SPOTLIGHT only comes up on Milton. When Messy enters, SPOTLIGHT also on him. Both will read at the same time.

MILTON: Wyatt Earp was never seen again around those parts. Some believe he may have taken on another name...

(MESSY enters at Right, reading newspaper)

MESSY & MILTON: Another personality. Why, he could be strolling down the streets of your city looking like any other cowboy.

SPOTLIGHT off Milton (he exits quickly). SPOTLIGHT only on Messy.

MESSY: (continues) Somebody looking for trouble. Trouble? (look around) Well, I'll be. Wyatt Earp? Around the Junction? Naw. (pause) Wait. Hold on one rooster-crowin' minute. (read) Wyatt Earp. Notorious for his bravery and gunfighting. (excited) Wyatt—the Wyatt that—? (gasp, thrilled) I should'a knowed. Wait'll I tell ever'body! We got us an outlaw in Trouble Junction! Ee-haw. (exit quickly)


MUSIC rises for Wyatt's Theme

LIGHTS come up center, Trouble Junction, Main Street

(WYATT cowboy-walks onstage, looks around, making sure no one watches as he saunters downstage. Aims gun, wipes perspiration, flexes fingers, aims, shakes head, spits, aims—hand shakes forcefully. Groan/mumbles)


With almost-famous names like Wyatt Flerp and Messy James, there's bound to be trouble. Everywhere Wyatt goes, somebody's out to get him, sure he's that other Wyatt. And Messy craves one thing—for the townspeople to notice him. Life is filled with ups and downs, and sometimes things just don't turn out the way you might expect, especially in a town called Trouble Junction.

13 Cast Members

Male Characters:
  • Messy James
  • Wyatt Flerp
  • Milton Thomas
  • Preacher Bob
  • Doc Vacation
  • Prank James
  • Sheriff
  • Ben & Bark (twins)
Female Characters:
  • Calamity Pain
  • Fannie Oakley
  • Bessie Morgan
  • Miss LeMure
  • Widow Glen


This is a full-length stage play
Approx. 2 1/4 hrs.

Recommended for...

Young Adult Theater
High School
Community Theater

Trouble Junction A Wild West Spoof

Everywhere Wyatt Flerp goes, he can't get away from the resemblance his name bears to Wyatt Earp. Sure, he's been to Tombstone. But he can't shoot a gun. He tries, but a traumatic experience stops him from even pulling the little trigger.

Ever since Messy James was a little kid, he's wanted one thing--to get his face on a Wanted Poster. He's sure folks will notice him then. Just like they stare at the poster of Big Bark and "oo" and "ah", he wants that same reaction when the townspeople look at him--especially the pretty ladies.

When Messy James sends a telegram to Milton Thomas, reporter for the Washington Post, 1899, telling him Wyatt Earp is hiding out in Trouble Junction, Milton immediately boards a stage for Trouble Junction.

Once there, he dogs Wyatt Flerp, waiting to catch him in the act of being just who he thinks he is--Wyatt Earp.

Who is the best shooter in town? Messy James and Calamity Pain, local mountain woman, put on a shootin' contest to vie for the title "Best Gun in the West". (This being a spoof, all disputes can be settled with a little ole shootin' contest.) Preacher Bob tries to get the townspeople to solve their problems through talking and living in peace, while Miss LeMure, schoolmarm from the east, wants to educate the "stinking" cowboys.

When Big Bad Bark shows up, all of Trouble Junction is put on high alert. All except for the Sheriff, who doesn't see why everyone is worked up over the outlaw. What the Sheriff wants is a nap.

Together, the unforgettable characters bring out the best and worst in a town called Trouble Junction. Lively, and at times hilarous, this story turns upside down as the good, the bad, and the unusual meet in the center of town. (Sometimes at high noon.) And when things don't turn out western-enough for Milton Thomas, citified reporter, he changes every little detail to suit himself.

Trouble Junction A Wild West Spoof

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