Jester in Island of Shalamar
Wyatt Flerp in Trouble Junction
Fannie Oakley in Trouble Junction
Kristof in Island of Shalamar Calamity Pain in Trouble Junction
Preacher Bob in Trouble Junction
Cassandra in The Baron's Daughter
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ROYALTY information:

  • Plays from 4th of July Productions are copyrighted with the US Copyright Office.
  • A Royalty is due each time a play from 4th of July Productions is performed in front of an audience, whether a ticket fee is charged or not. If people are present to watch the show, royalties are due--this includes a public dress rehearsal, class presentation, parent night, or public performance of any kind.
  • Royalties for amateur rights are $25.00 per performance.
  • All royalties must be paid one week prior to Opening Night, either on this page using Paypal, or Royalties can be mailed to the address below. Once the Royalty Form and Royalties are received, 4th of July Productions will send you a release for the specified play to be performed "live" on the dates requested.
  • Be sure to fill out the form to the right side of this page.
  • For professional rights and royalty fees, please contact 4th of July Productions:
plays (at)

        • Royalties can also be sent to:
    4th of July Productions
    P.O. Box 1361
    Spirit Lake, ID 83869

        • If you have questions, please write to
    plays (at)

    For pertinent information concerning the rights of the playwright, please visit this informative page called "It's the Law!":

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