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Island of Shalamar

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"Set in a time of medieval chivalry, the Island of Shalamar sends the audience into a realm of adventure, defiance, and intrigue. This production captivates its viewer and makes them want to take a journey to the Island of Shalamar." Shem H
        • Beauty and pageantry
        • An allegory of good and evil
        • Inspirational
        • Thought-provoking
        • Medieval fun
Jester in Island of Shalamar


ACT I: Scene 1

TRUMPET blasts announcing King Kristof and Queen Dalynn.

SPOTLIGHT on processional

MUSIC: processional march (Instructions are for aisle entrance, but entering from stage left or right and circling stage works also.)

KENTON: (center aisle entrance/booming voice) Make way! Make way for King Kristof and Queen Dalynn!

MUSIC rises

(KING & QUEEN walk down the aisle in a grand procession, waving at Shalamar’s citizens. DOODLYNS dance around them. Dorian follows slowly. When the King and Queen reach the stage, they turn, wave, then enter Throne Room. DOODLYNS flutter away. The King and Queen sit on thrones. Kenton & Dorian remain standing, ready to do the royals’ bidding.)

DALYNN: (tired) Must we continue this charade day after day?

KRISTOF: What do you speak of, my dear? 

DALYNN: The people. They expect too much. We are only human, bound to make mistakes.

 KRISTOF: Nonsense.

 DALYNN: Do not nonsense me, Kristof.

KRISTOF: We are royals. Our subjects expect us to laugh and be merry. They do not wish to view us as mere mortals who might become irritable or cross. No, our titles demand we hold our heads high and be joyful in each day's processional. Is that not correct, Kenton?

KENTON: Oh, most certainly, highness. Your very presence gives your subjects cause to rejoice in their daily toils.

DALYNN: Why can we not do the same? Surely the people of Shalamar could bear to see us as we truly are, beneath the titles and aristocracy?

KRISTOF: What has gotten into you, Dalynn?

DALYNN: (look away) I do not know. I am tired, perhaps.

DORIAN: May I get something for you, my lady? Tea?

DALYNN: No, thank you, Dorian. Something more than simple fatigue exasperates me. It is our son. I fear Tanner is up to no good. Adolescent mischief plagues him like a dog chasing a piece of fresh meat.

KRISTOF: What has he done this time? Or dare I inquire?

DALYNN: You will understand my perplexity soon enough.

(TANNER bursts into the Throne Room, followed by the JESTER)


While King Kristof sits on his throne enjoying peace, the kingdom of Shalamar is under attack by Brendoor. Prince Tanner implores his father to do something NOW! But Kristof waits too long. Brendoor commandeers the island’s only bridge. Then Queen Terise arrives with her selfish, spoiled daughter and a plan to merge their countries into one—Shalabrendoor. In the midst of pomp and pageantry, goodness and evil come to light in this medieval allegory.

13 Cast Members

Male Characters:
  • Prince Tanner
  • King Kristof
  • Jester
  • Kenton
  • Vancer
  • Dorian
Female Characters:
  • Princess Julia
  • Princess Gwendal
  • Cynda
  • Queen Terise
  • Queen Dalynn
  • Maggie
  • Evette
  • 6-8 Doodlyns: Doodlyns are fairy-like dancers

Approx. length: 1 hour & 45 min.

Recommended for...
High School
Junior High
Youth Group

youth theater
community theater

Map of Shalamar for the play Island of Shalamar

Following a splendid processional through the streets of Shalamar, King Kristof must deal with his son's accusations. Prince Tanner is adamant Kristof should do more to protect the Bridge Elan—and to keep Brendoor (their neighboring country) from encroaching on their land. Mischief is underfoot, Tanner is sure of it. Kristof doesn't believe his son's claims, certain all is well in his kingdom.

Tanner sees only one option—he must go undercover and find out for himself what Brendoor is up to.

Relatives arrive at the castle unexpectedly. Cranky and demanding, Queen Terise and Princess Gwendal, Queen Dalynn's aunt and niece from Brendoor, turn the place upside down with their pushy ways. They demand to see Prince Tanner, announcing they have business for the future king of Shalamar—much to King Kristof's annoyance. They refuse to leave until Tanner is found. Their escort, Vancer, informs the king the Bridge Elan is in terrible disrepair. King Kristof can't imagine how his family heirloom could be in ruin.

When Tanner hears Princess Gwendal is in the castle, he remains hidden in the forest. Julia, his sister, comes to him and they discuss his plan to go away until the coast is clear. He wants nothing to do with Brendoor's elite and the plans they have for him.

Princess Gwendal delights in the idea of becoming queen of two countries—Brendoor and Shalamar. If Prince Tanner would just show up, she could convince him of her plan.

Kristof sends Kenton, his counselor, to investigate the claims about the Bridge Elan and to see what mischief is brewing in Brendoor. Kenton returns with news. The Bridge is not in disrepair, but the Brendorian guards have taken over the Bridge and are exacting money from those who pass. Also, a grand celebration is in preparation in Brendoor. A wedding ceremony—for Princess Gwendal and Prince Tanner! At this news, King Kristof is outraged. He demands Terise and Gwendal leave Shalamar within the hour!

Kenton finds Vancer spying on the castle. He wants to throw the man in the dungeon—or worse! But kind-hearted Julia wants to question Vancer herself. King Kristof allows this, and Julia discovers he was sent to Shalamar to find and kidnap Prince Tanner!

This revelation sets the stage for a showdown between King Kristof and the royalty of Brendoor—and his desperate need to find his son, the heir of Shalamar.

Island of Shalamar A Two-Act Play

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