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A Christmas Calamity A Two-Act Play

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"Christmas is for joy and love, not calamity.  But that is exactly what the Fosters have happen to them this Christmas Season. Will they lose their home, their business, or will they find another way to resolve and overcome this tragedy?" Susie P
        • Faith story
        • Hope in times of trial
        • Counting your blessings
        • Lively characters
        • Upbeat & fun
        • Comedy at Christmastime

Nettie in A Christmas Calamity


ACT I: Scene 1

Setting: The Foster's living room, 1930. Five stockings line the wall. Grace is holding fabric for a skirt. Cliff faces her.

CLIFF: (frustrated) No. No. No!

GRACE: Please, Cliff. It's material for a skirt for Reub. (hold up fabric/ twirl) What could be the harm?

CLIFF: The harm? You don't get the dire circumstances we're in, do you?

GRACE: I can see you're angry.

CLIFF: Angry? Is that what you call this? (groan/grab newspaper off table) Haven't you read the paper?

GRACE: (grab paper/hide it) The newspaper is too depressing. You get upset every time you read it. (high-pitched gasp) Is that why you're mad? Did you read something terrible? (gasp) Did another bank close?

CLIFF: The fabric in your hands—and the fact you haven't a clue about our household economy—is what's driving me insane.

GRACE: (hold up cloth) This little thing? I didn't break the bank. Besides, Reuben needs some cheering up. (pick up duster/dust)

CLIFF: Why does our third daughter need cheering up today?

GRACE: I hate to tell you this, Cliff, but it's because of her...well, her name.

CLIFF: What?

GRACE: Now that she's thirteen, she's sensitive.

CLIFF: Her name—?

When Cliff Foster's five daughters discover they're about to lose their house, two weeks before Christmas, the girls conspire to convince the banker to stop the foreclosure. Hilarity ensues in this 1930's comedy about a family coming to terms with calamity, and learning to count their blessings through it all.

12 Cast Members

Male Charcters:
  • Cliff Foster
  • Arnold Dripper

Female Characters:
  • Grace Foster
  • Nettie Foster
  • Sarai Foster
  • Eve Foster
  • Reuben Foster
  • Rachel Foster
  • Milicent Mackleby
  • Dorcas Foster
  • Betsy Mackleby
  • Daisy Miller

Approx. 1 1/2 hours

Recommended for...
Youth Group
High School
Junior High
youth theater
christmas program
community theater

A Christmas Calamity


Times are hard in 1930, and Cliff Foster must face the truth. His hardware store has no customers. And since he hasn't paid a house payment in over three months, Arnold Dripper, banker and past friend, notifies him he has one week to vacate the premises. How will Cliff tell Grace and his five daughters they are losing their house two weeks before Christmas?

Milicent Mackleby, nosy neighbor, happens to be in the bank that day, and quickly spreads the word--the Fosters are moving to Hooverville, a shack-like town on the outskirts of the city. When she runs into Cliff's elderly mother, she blabs all she knows, much to Nettie Foster's displeasure.

Grace Foster, Cliff's wife, is a lively character, always looking for the silver lining. When Nettie tells her what the neighbor woman said, Grace knows it couldn't possibly be true. Surely, Milicent is mistaken. They couldn't be losing their home. Not at Christmas!

Cliff comes home, surprised to find his mother living with them, and also to discover Grace and Nettie have already heard what he's been dreading to say. There appears to be no choice, but to move to Hooverville.

When the girls, Eve, Sarai, Reuben, Dorcas, & Rachel, find out what's going on with the house--and where they're going to live--they take matters into their own hands. With some unique costuming and preparation, the girls take on the task of convincing Mr. Dripper to change his mind and let them stay in their beloved home for one last Christmas.

Calamity and comedy collide in this lively, heart-warming story of facing loss and learning to count your blessings through it all.

A Christmas Calamity


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